9.20AM - 11:00AMPuna AkoPuna Ako8.15am teacher pld9.20am pathwaysPuna AkoPuna Ako
11:000AM - 11:30AMSports/CultureSports/CultureSports/CultureSports/CultureSports/Culture
11:30AM - 1:00PM1. “i am” module3. “i am” modulePathways2. “i am” module4. “i am” module
1:00PM - 1:30PMSports/CultureSports/CultureSports/CultureSports/CultureSports/Culture
1:30PM - 3:00PM2. “i am” module4. “i am” modulePathways1. “i am” module3. “i am” module
3:00PM - 4:30PMSports/CultureSports/CultureSports/CultureSports/CultureSports/Culture

Key Points:

  • Puna Ako 100-minutes
  • 4 Puna Ako tutorial periods a week
  • 2 x 90-minute Module periods a day
  • 4 Modules repeated twice a week (Each module will last one trimester, which is one third of the year)
  • One full day dedicated to PATHWAYS project based learning
  • Opportunities for sport and cultural activities during breaks and after school
  • Opportunities for leadership in every aspect of the curriculum