puna ako


puna ako - tutorials

Every student every day will be welcomed into a comfortable, warm, studious learning environment.

Every Puna Ako teacher will:

  • Build a positive learning relationship with their students.
  • Build and maintain positive relationships with whaanau.
  • Monitor the students’ progress regularly and let the whaanau know of any concerns.
  • Conduct Puna Koorero with the students and their whaanau.
  • Have an in-depth conversation with every student at least once a fortnight to review progress of personalised plan.
  • Make sure the students pick up every possible opportunity to find success at school.
  • Build a warm whaanau relationship within their Puna Ako group.

Every student will have:

  • Personalised Learning Experiences negotiated with their whaanau and their Puna Ako teacher.
  • An individual enrolment in ‘Writer's Toolbox’ a well-researched programme designed to improve student writing.
  • An individual enrolment in ‘Education Perfect’ – a well-researched programme designed to improve students Maths capabilities.
  • Regular Puna Koorero with their Puna Ako teacher and whaanau.
  • Opportunities and time to complete assessments with the support of teachers.
  • A Puna Ako teacher who will monitor their success by having an in-depth conversation at least once a fortnight.


The school is divided into four whaanau: Hakanoa, Waikare, Waahi, Kimihia
Each whaanau (about 50 students and 3 Puna Ako teachers) will gather together to start the day with a karakia and a waiata. The students will then work with their own Puna Ako teachers and Puna Ako groups (about 15 students in each) to plan what they need to work on to create success for themselves according to their personalised plans.

The aim is to give each student a sense of belonging and a sense of purpose about coming to Huntly College every day.