ngaa ara whakamua


ngaa ara whakamua – pathways

Every student will have the opportunity to choose a course of study that will progress their personal pathway.

Opportunity 1

Innovation and Leadership Academy

Opportunity 2Vocational Pathways
Opportunity 3Gateway and Oho Mauri
Opportunity 4WINTEC Courses
Opportunity 5

Services Academy

Opportunity 6Scholarship

The students will:

  • Negotiate an appropriate pathway with their whaanau and Puna Ako teachers.
  • Spend one trimester in each of the Pathways they choose. Senior students may be allocated to a particular Pathway to ensure equity of access for all.
  • Work with Puna Ako teachers to keep a personal record of their Pathways learning.

The Puna Ako teachers will:

  • Spend time with students negotiating appropriate pathways.
  • Mentor the students on a Wednesday to ensure progress.
  • Support students individually to keep a personal record of their work so that it is a high standard for CVs and employers.