Whaea Barbara's July newsletter




How exciting it is to be writing this first blog on our flash new website. Please check it all out - there is a lot to explore. If you have any ideas that could improve it then let us know.

We had a fabulous end to Term 2 with the New Zealand writers coming into the school armed with free books for everyone. There are still books here if you are interested. It was lovely to hear comments from the writers - comments like “The students here are so responsive, this is the best school we have been to. We love being here - the students are so talented and lovely - they ask such neat questions.”

On the last Thursday of the term the “Melting Pot “ hit the stage with dancers and singers and group performances that were just a spectacle. A huge thanks to Whaea Iwa and our head girl ‘Ofa for their time and commitment. There were so many helpers to make that night such a success and the whole school appreciates all of them.

We are now in Term 3. For the seniors in particular this is a very important term. It is the time for them to check out exactly what they need for their next step in life and to put in the hard work to get there. Check with your students how many credits they still need and encourage them to knuckle down and get things completed and handed in.

We have noticed that there are still a number of students who are not attending school often enough. Our new mantra for this term is:


There is absolutely no doubt that if your students attend school at least 90% of the time and if they complete the work they are given, that they will ACHIEVE - there is absolutely no doubt about that.

On Wednesdays your younger students are working on an enterprise. They are creating a product and getting it ready to sell. Ask them about what they are doing. I am sure with your experience you can give them some valuable advice.

Good luck with all the reading you are doing with all those new books

Ngaa mihi,

Whaea Barbara