Nohoaka Pakihi - Liam tells us about his experience


Puna Ako

Nohoaka Pakihi. An experience I will never forget. A journey filled with laughter, determination and grit. At first I felt wary: this was my first time going down south. However, when I arrived in Otago I met my peers and traveled to the college. On the first day we settled in and had a really good chance to get to know each other. It truly was refreshing to be in a room with so many like minded people with ambition. I think that was my highest highlight of the trip.

There were many things we did like sightseeing, lasertag, sports, pool, theatres and so much more. Surprisingly, out of all of the things we did the most boring part about the business trip was business. In saying that I believe that I have received information that I can use for the rest of my life. Something I will never forget out of what I was told was “you should settle for passion, never settle down.” That confirmed that although I still don't fully know what I want to do in life. I know that if I try hard enough I should be good. The lowest lowlight of my trip was the walking. Now we didn’t walk too far, It's just that walking was our main source of transport. Not to mention that Arana College where we stayed, is built on a hill so we had to walk up it three to four times a day.

Overall the trip was a life changing experience. One that I will never forget. I along with many of my peers who went to Nohoaka Pakihi bonded pretty close within such a short time and I believe that is what really made the trip worth its money. Even though I didn’t spend a dime - if you know what I mean. Thank you to my sponsors. It was well worth it.